1. What do you mean ‘The ball always return to the player’?

According to the law of physics, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. As the tennis ball is flying horizontally, the power of gravity and the acceleration has got an impact on its trajectory and speed. The above mentioned laws of physics will determine the height of the ball, which needs to be maintained constant by the player who uses a regular tennis wall. Assuming that the constant height of the hit spot of a regular wall is 1 meter above the ground, the tennis ball will start flying lower and lower just after a few meters. The quickly decreasing height of the returning ball will lead to the inability to play, even when using the best tennis practices. The tennis ball will fall right down the wall and will further bounce up from the ground, making it impossible to play smoothly.

The above mentioned problem can be partially solved by playing the ball much higher. After being hit at the ideal height of 2 meters, the tennis ball will most likely return to the player, but unfortunately providing a very unnatural and fake game experience. In order to provide the player with an experience as natural as possible, the wall can be tilted, making the incidence angle different, thus providing an ascending reflection angle. As you can imagine, this will make the ball come back to you only if it is played correctly, at the exact height of 1 meter. Otherwise, the game cannot be continued.

Therefore, it has been concluded that the wall should have variable inclinations, depending on the height of the play. This basic assumption is fulfilled by the Parabolic Tennis Wall offered by ADECO. Regardless of the variable inclination, the ball is affected by the strength of the impetus and its initial rotation. Adjusting to those parameters while playing on the Parabolic Tennis Wall, the game can be maintained with very little effort.

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2. What sort of experience will I get while playing on the parabolic wall?

The minimal width of the wall is set to be 4 meters, which is approximately a half of the standard tennis court. Playing at the end of the « court », that is roughly 10 meters away from the Parabolic Tennis Wall, allows you as a player to freely move around and practice all sorts of tennis techniques. This includes performing a half turn stride to play forehand and backhand. With a little practice you can then play the balls just above the height of the tennis net. The game itself is even more intense when compared to the real world scenario as the player has to provide enough impetus to play for two participants. Unless the ball is not aimed at the wall at all, the chances of you missing the point are very few. If you play the ball too low (even just above the ground), the wall will correct the trajectory, returning the ball upward accordingly. Similarly, the balls played too high will be returned downward.


3. What is the minimum necessary surface to have?

The bigger the surface will be, the better experience you will get.

In case of limited space, the dimension of the court should be at least 4x10 meters, also leaving you a 1 meter margin around the court. However, it is highly recommended to leave a 2 meters margin, especially on the player’s side.


4. What should I consider while ordering a tennis court?

The deployment of a tennis field is down to a simple construction work. ADECO advises you to use your own local services. However, we can still offer further help with it.

Depending on the user’s preferences the tennis court can be made of:

Brick powder – classic choice

It would require some maintenance work, including:

  • Removal of humus, placing curbs on the edges, establishment of a ground foundation, filling the court with brick powder.
  • Simple, but requires maintenance work.

Simple to make, requires ongoing maintenance.

Artificial grass

  • Requires strong, reliable foundation made of materials such as asphalt and concrete slab. The top layer is made of artificial grass strengthened with quartz sand. This solution is often used on tennis courts.

Any other surface that the owner endorses

It can be literally anything you want! Tartan surface, concrete, asphalt paved ground, etc. Usually solutions that are weather-resistant and self-maintained.

5. Is it necessary to have a foundation for the wall?

No, the only requirement is that the wall surface needs to be horizontally leveled. If you already have a concrete slab, the Parabolic Tennis Wall can be mounted straight away. In all other cases, please refer to question number four. It is extremely important for the surface to be completely flat and stable. Otherwise, it will result in inconsistencies in the wall structure, thus providing an incomplete experience.


6. What do I need to set up the Parabolic Tennis Wall?

In order to deploy your Parabolic Tennis Wall, you will need only a basic toolkit which is usually available in every home. Three qualified workers should be able to complete the work within two days. Each of the Parabolic Tennis Wall components are placed next to each other, drilled through and screwed together. The components of our Parabolic Tennis Wall are designed with special tracks to help you with the positioning. However, all work should be carried out with extreme caution and precision to avoid potential problems.

7. Who will benefit from the Product?

Our Parabolic Tennis Wall is highly beneficial for private users as well as the public sector. It is ideal for gardens to have some kind of sport complex. The Parabolic Tennis Wall can be combined with other sports equipment, such as volleyball or badminton net, basketball backboard and/or lights.

A garden sport complex with a Parabolic Tennis Wall will be valued by:

  • Kids who want to hang around after school
  • Mums who want to spent their time actively
  • Fathers who want to keep their body healthy
  • … And to display movies in Summer

ADECO provides you with the sport complex, which is ready to use 24/7 all year round. All institutions from the public sector who wish to provide the customers with an outrageous experience are highly advised to purchase our product.

All active tennis players will appreciate the natural experience that our product provides, no need to arrange a meeting to improve your skills.

The Parabolic Tennis Wall is dedicated to manufactures of sport equipment. Now, you can enhance the customers’ satisfaction by offering our product if they are interested in a wide range of sport activities..

8. Who do we try to involve?

ADECO tries to invite all designers and architects to actively participate in the product development.
Creative people are highly valued by ADECO. Thanks to their knowledge and contribution, our sport complex with the Parabolic Tennis Wall can be adapted to the current weather conditions of all European countries.


9. Application examples of the Garden Sport Complex

Tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball and even mini tennis, here are sports you can play not even moving out of your own backyard. The Garden Sport Complex is meant for those who wish to remain fit or recuperate, for those who exercise regularly and for children with inexhaustible levels of energy to spare. You can also use it to spice-up your garden parties.

The Parabolic Tennis Wall is the main component of the GARDEN SPORT COMPLEX



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