This is our newest addition to the Parabolic Tennis Wall. The system consists of 4 sensors mounted on the tennis wall, the main module, an LED display (for scores and other information), an LED strip signalling the place of impact and a mobile phone application.

Under the mysterious name of the project, which is co-financed under the European Regional Development Fund by the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020, there is a waterproof system certified by the IP standard, resistant to impacts and mounted in a way that prevents theft in the back of the wall.

Sensors collect data where the player hit the ball on the wall and the whole thing is completed with a great mobile application with various training modes. You can choose the characteristics of the game that you would like to improve, e.g. accuracy or agility, and the application itself will designate places where you should hit and give you helpful tips. In addition to training, there is also a tennis game mode, so we not only have the feeling of a real game on a parabolic tennis wall, but also have a virtual opponent for us.

The system has been designed so that both beginners and more professional tennis players can fully enjoy a pleasant and developmental game on the tennis wall.

The development of tennis skills was the key in the design of the system because during training it is good to have a coach who will tell us what we are doing wrong, remind us of our goal in the game, discuss with us the last few sessions and our progress.

The Adeco Sport solution will be your virtual support, a mobile application that will display statistics from previous games, score and allow us to focus on a given characteristic or technique that we want to improve!

The product offered as part of the project ‘The system for identifying a tennis ball hitting the training wall with a computer “game”’ will be useful for individuals of varying disability levels including wheelchair users.

The product will have a positive impact on the application of the principle of equal opportunities for women and men. There is a lack of equality barriers in both the project concept and its range of influence. Distribution of the product will be done on an ‘available to everyone’ basis, taking into account both individuals and companies on the Polish and foreign markets. The project has a positive impact on the application of sustainable development principles.

Acquired EU funds: 226 100zł
Entire value of the project : 327 180 zł

Project co-financed under the European Regional Development Fund from the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020

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